What's Network for Good?

Donate Now Through Network for Good. It's a new non-profit organization created collaboratively by some of the nation's largest technology companies - AOL Time Warner, Cisco Systems and Yahoo - to provide a free means for non-profit service providers like Neighborhood Legal Services to have access to safe, secure and private credit card donation services. All of these services are free and 100% of any donation made comes directly to NLS to support its work. NLS is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are fully tax deductible.

Why do we need your support?

NLS operates with a mixture of support from federal, state and local governments, corporate donors, foundations and, most important, individuals likes you. The current state budget crisis and the economic downturn we are all experiencing means that both governmental and private corporate donations are shrinking fast. If we are to maintain our services and continue to challenge public policies that hurt the poor, build communities organizations to give new power to low income communities, help families avoid eviction and homelessness, help victims of domestic abuse protect themselves and their families from further harm, enforce the rights of low wage workers to fair pay and safe working conditions and help disabled persons gain access to the financial assistance and health care resources they need, we must rely now, more than ever, on the generosity of individuals like you. If the information you secured from this site helped you, then please help us to keep it available and continue the other essential services we provide.

Want to know more about what NLS does?

Click on the link marked "about us" above to see far more information about our program, its important work and our great success stories.

Current Funders

We express our sincere thanks to the following funders for their continued generous support of the work of Neighborhood Legal Services:

Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation

Massachusetts Bar Foundation

National Association of Consumer Law Attorneys

Boston Bar Foundation

Greater Lynn Senior Services

North Shore Elder Services


Elder Service Plan of the North Shore


City of Lawrence Community Development

Lynn Economic Opportunity

United Way